Obama Closes Gun Gap

Weapon and ammo sales to women surge

FEMALE ANCHOR: Gun sales are spiking across our state.

MALE ANCHOR: The fear of tougher gun laws could be the driving force. Ian Page has the story.

IAN PAGE: Gun sales are booming in Texas. Brook Barrineau is buying his 6th gun but it's his first concealed carry weapon. barrineau says that while his purchase is for safety reasons he believes the recent spike in gun sales has to do with politics.

BARRINEAU: Because this is an election year and people aren't going to be taking chances on any future potential restrictions.

PAGE: Gun sales are so brisk there is a nationwide shortage of firearms and ammunition. Justin Franks is the manager at memorial shooting center.

JUSTIN FRANKS: We've noticed an increase in gun sales about 30 to 35 percent, double that in ammo.

PAGE: At shooting ranges like this, you'll see plenty of men but more women are buying guns. Bill Robertson who teaches a concealed handgun class in Houston says he has women in all of his classes now.

HOUSTON: I have moms in every class, ladies in every class, and a lot of couples in classes. Single moms are realizing that--just the other day a guy banged at the door and she realized that she had no way to protect her kids. So she came to class a few weeks later got her handgun license.

MALE ANCHOR: As you know I moved here from Florida and there were a lot of stories actually in Orlando before I left there, where people were getting their doors kicked in. Sometimes women were home alone and that’s why, more and more women were buying guns to protect themselves. It’s not surprising.

FEMALE ANCHOR: One thing though, if you do own a gun, make sure you store it responsibly. And also know how to properly use it. If you buy it, you don’t take lessons, if you’re not comfortable with it, it can be turned on you, if you’re using it—it comes to that point where you’re trying to protect yourself or your family.

MALE ANCHOR: Those little gun safes are awesome.

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