NRA Raises $39,000 for Law Enforcement Training

T-shirt proceeds fund training for officers

August 25, 2016

The National Rifle Association announced on Thursday that a fundraising drive for its law enforcement training program had raised nearly $39,000.

The NRA Store created a "Thin Blue Line" T-shirt in late June and announced that 100 percent of the proceeds from shirts sold through Aug. 12 would benefit the NRA Foundation's Law Enforcement Training Endowment.

"At the end of the promotional period, the immense popularity of the shirt raised nearly $39,000 in proceeds, all of which went to the endowment," NRA spokesman Jason Brown said.

The money will fund police training courses in effective handgun, shotgun, and patrol rifle shooting. The ultimate goal is to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of law enforcement officers.

The gun rights group said it created the shirt and fundraiser as a show of support for the law enforcement community, which has been at the center of heated political debates over the past year.

"The NRA made the decision to design and release the shirt, as well as make the donation to the Foundation’s Law Enforcement Endowment, to once again confirm our commitment to supporting American law enforcement officers, particularly in an environment where the reputation and trust of police nationwide has been called into question in the wake of high-profile police-involved incidents," Brown said. "The dedication and selfless service of law enforcement professionals is a necessity in maintaining a safe, lawful society, and the NRA has and will always support the men and women who swear the oaths to protect and serve our communities. Good policing is the mortar of strong communities, and we recognize the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers who go the extra mile to ensure citizens can live and thrive in these communities."

"The NRA has a proud legacy of supporting police, most notably through our Law Enforcement Division, which was established in 1960 to provide the law enforcement community with a means to certify their firearm instructors," Brown added.

The NRA hosts a number of shooting competitions for law enforcement members and honors a number of officers every year with awards.

Store staff said the shirt was intended as a bold statement about the NRA’s support for police officers.

"The NRA Store staff asked the collective question, ‘What can we do to help NRA members show their support?’" Dirk Grove, sales manager of the NRA Store, said. "The solution we needed would not only show NRA members’ solidarity with the police—it would also provide tangible funds to help them."

"And that’s how the NRA ‘Thin Blue Line’ T-shirt was born," Grove said. "We designed a great looking T-shirt. It combined a patriotic flag motif with the famous ‘Thin Blue Line’ that’s become a recognizable symbol of those who serve and protect."

"We added a bold statement: ‘I’m the NRA, and I Stand With You.’"

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