NPR Host: I'm Worried About Pedophiles Getting Jobs at Migrant Shelters

June 19, 2018

An NPR host fretted on MSNBC Tuesday that pedophiles would try to get jobs at the migrant shelters housing illegal immigrant children at the southern border.

The controversy over the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" border policy has dominated the news over the past week, with fierce criticism pouring in over the practice of separating children from their parents when they enter the country illegally. President Donald Trump has said he hates the practice and called on Democrats to vote with Republicans to change the immigration laws, while they have accused him of using the children separation issue as a bargaining chip.

Asked by MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle why the public had only been given images of young boys in the shelters and not girls or toddlers, "Latino USA" anchor Maria Hinojosa said it was part of the Trump administration's "narrative" that illegal immigrants are dangerous criminals.

"I'm just thinking, Stephanie, in terms of the logistics of taking care of these people," she said. "I'm so worried about how many pedophiles are now signing up to go and work in these places. Just the sheer thought of trying to take care of toddlers, changing diapers."

She added the Trump administration has "created an illegal people overnight" with its tough border laws.

The issue has led to other extreme comparisons, with pundits comparing the Trump policy to the Holocaust and U.S. internment camps for the Japanese.

The policy has received criticism from both sides of the aisle, with Democrats united in outrage and some Republicans also expressing opposition. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen criticized press coverage of the issue and said Monday that those legally seeking asylum should go to the correct port of entry.

"You do not need to break the law of this country by entering illegally to claim asylum," she said. "If you are seeking asylum, go to a port of entry."