Morgan to Carney: Obamacare Glitches Are Frustrating for Your Supporters, 'Like Me and Others'

October 21, 2013

Piers Morgan bluntly told White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that the Obamacare glitches are frustrating for "your supporters, like me and others" Monday on CNN.

Morgan unabashedly acknowledged he supports the "ethos" of state sponsored healthcare and considers himself an advocate for Obamacare.

However the CNN host pressed Jay Carney on the technical problems is experiencing, asking the White House spokesman at what point the president's patience with the habitual failures by his subordinates in administering the website will prompt personnel changes.

Carney, as he has done all day, dodged the question and replied the president is trying to fix the website and is not focused on "making heads roll":

PIERS MORGAN: I agree with you. You haven't got to persuade me. My position though is this: It is frustrating for your supporters like me and others, I don't agree with all of Obamacare, but I broadly agree with the ethos behind it. I come from a country where everybody gets free healthcare if they want it. I totally subscribe to the ethos of what you are doing. There has to be a point, a limit, hasn't there, to the president's patience on his flagship program. The one many believe may be his great legacy. If the system designed to facilitate it continues to fail, someone has got to be accountable, if it is not him, who's it going to be?

JAY CARNEY: The accountability he's looking for is the accountability of making sure everybody who has expertise in this matter is focused on fixing it, not focused on making heads roll. That's not the time right now to focus on that. The time is to get these problems fixed make sure the system is working most efficiently for the American people. That's what his focus is on right now. Not on, pointing fingers of blame but making sure it works. [...]