Maxine Waters Calls Cantor, Boehner 'Demons'

February 15, 2012

In video released Wednesday by Breitbart News, Rep. Maxine Waters refers to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Speaker of the House John Boehner as "demons" who are "destroying this country." Waters was speaking at the California state Democratic convention.

WATERS: We've got to take back the House. I saw pictures of Boehner and Cantor on our screens. Don’t ever let me see, again in life, those Republicans in our hall, on our screens, talking about anything. These are demons. These are legislators who are destroying this country, rather than bringing us together, creating jobs, making sure we have a good tax policy, bringing our jobs back from offshore, incentivizing those who keep jobs here. They are bringing down this country, destroying this country, because again, they'd rather do whatever they can to destroy this president, rather than for the good of this country. We can take back not only the House, we can keep the White House, we can strengthen our public policy.

And guess what?

Let me let you on a secret: I am the senior most person serving on the financial service committee. Barney Frank is about to retire, and guess whos shaking in their boots? The too-big-to-fail banks and financial institutions and all of Wall Street because Maxine Waters is going to be the next chair of the Financial Services Committee.