Liz Harrington Discusses Obama Rejecting Keystone Pipeline

November 6, 2015

The Washington Free Beacon's Liz Harrington went on Fox News Friday afternoon to discuss President Obama's decision to reject construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Harrington mocked how long the Obama administration took to come to a conclusion.

"When President Obama said this was an extensive process, I think he was right," Harrington said. "I mean, seven years in the making. I think this went on way too long. I think it was clear that the State Department and the Obama administration kicked this off past the 2012 election because they were really put in a bad position. You had to choose between unions who wanted this pipeline and environmentalists who didn't so they pushed this back. It's really been too long in the making."

The decision to reject the pipeline comes after TransCanada requested to pause the review, potentially in hopes that the next administration would be friendlier to the project. The State Department rejected that request, allowing Obama to make a statement beside Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry Friday morning from the White House.

The announcement is sure to have political ramifications. Hillary Clinton has come out against the pipeline as a Democratic presidential candidate, despite speaking positively about its potential when she was secretary of state.

"I think Republicans will be able to use this to their advantage because President Obama and Hillary Clinton are tied to this decision," Harrington said. "They can push back hard on it. A lot of them made the case it was a job-creating project and they will say Democrats are kowtowing to environmental left groups. It is how far left the Democratic Party has gone."