Leno: It’s ‘Trick or Treatment’ at the White House

'What is it about selling insurance that makes people liars?'


Tonight Show host Jay Leno ripped President Obama for his campaign promises that if Americans liked their current healthcare plan they would be able to keep their current healthcare plan Wednesday evening:

JAY LENO: You know, it's really trick or treat time at the White House. President Obama tricked us into thinking we'd be able to afford treatment. You see, it was "trick or treatment." "Trick or treatment." [ cheers and applause ] Well, now the Federal Trade Commission reports that con-artists are using confusion over Obamacare to sign people up. You know, for what they call fake health insurance. The scammers lure victims with false promises. stuff like, "if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan." See, they'll tell you that. The scammers will tell you that, but you have to be careful. [ laughter ] Well, now, a lot of people are accusing the president of being less than truthful. In fact, a couple weeks ago, President Obama called me and told me personally, "if I like my current job, I can keep my current job." And I believed him. [ laughter ] I believed him. Yeah, exactly. [ cheers and applause ] Exactly. Boy. Ah! Well, according to the LA Times, regarding the promises made about Obamacare, some officials privately said, this is what they said today, officials said, "they privately wish they'd had left more wiggle room." Wiggle room. See, only in politics is the truth considered wiggle room. Really. [ laughter ] What is it about selling insurance that makes people liars? Have you noticed this? It doesn't matter if it's your brother in law is trying to sell to you or the president of the United States. They're all just liars when it comes to insurance. I have no idea why that is. [ applause ] Well, today — I don't know if you saw the hearings today, three different members of Congress compared Obamacare to the Wizard of Oz. Actually, Congress is like the Wizard of Oz. The Republicans have no heart. The Democrats have no courage. And the people who are on the Obamacare website have no brains. [ cheers and applause ] Okay, so the whole thing — it basically is — it's the Wizard of Oz. Ugh. And this obamacare website, boy, has been nothing but problems, hasn't it? Oh, my God. You don't know how difficult it is to log on. today, Edward Snowden said even he couldn't get in. He said, "that's it, I'm through." [ laughter ] How many people have tried, have you tried?

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