Lankford Releases Government Waste Report 'Federal Fumbles Vol. 3'

November 27, 2017

Sen. James Lankford (R., Okla.) released his annual report on government waste on Monday, "Federal Fumbles Volume 3."

Lankford's report highlights examples of wasteful government spending which includes specific cases of abuse by the federal government.

"This book is designed to be a reminder that we still have an issue with debt and deficit in America," Lankford said. "For some reason, the conversation has slowed on the issue of debt and deficit. It should not."

Currently, the U.S. national debt is estimated to be above $20.5 trillion.

Lankford said there are programs that the federal government should spend money on, but in order to be able to, many other programs must be fixed first.

Lankford asked why people in his home state of Oklahoma had to fund multiple projects around the country that only benefitted localities and not the country as a whole.

When asked about tax reform, Lankford said, "there's broad need for tax reform. I'm not opposed to doing tax reform. We just need to make sure that when we do it, we do it right because we won't hit this again for another 30 years or so."

President and founder of White Coat Waste Project, Anthony Bellotti, released a statement on the report.

"Sen. Lankford’s Federal Fumbles report is an essential playbook for ending reckless spending and increasing government’s accountability to taxpayers who are being unwittingly forced to pay countless billions for wasteful projects including mouse fight clubs, breeding narcoleptic Dobermans and getting monkeys hooked on nicotine," Bellotti's statement reads.