John Bolton: Maybe Brian Williams Spoke with Hillary Clinton About Coming Under Fire

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton took jabs at Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton.

"[Williams] said he misremembered that maybe he hadn't actually been hit. So I thought maybe he had been speaking with Hillary Clinton, and they had been comparing stories about being under fire in a war zone and then they realized they weren't under fire," Bolton said.

Bolton referred to Clinton’s "mistake" remembering events while she was first lady. On March 25, 2008, Hillary Clinton said that she and her daughter, Chelsea, were shot at in Bosnia in 1996. After the claims were disputed, Clinton said she has a "different memory" of the events that occurred.

Brian Williams made a similar mistake. He admitted Wednesday that he had "made a mistake in recalling" a story he has been telling the American public for 12 years. Williams has come under fire for lying about being in a helicopter hit by an RPG while flying over Iraq in 2003.

"What does this do to the credibility of the NBC news department when their top anchor is making things up?" Bolton said.