Feds to Hold ‘Children’s Sleepwear Seminar’

Consumer Product Safety Commission to discuss regs related to kiddie pajamas

August 10, 2016

The federal government is holding a "children’s sleepwear seminar."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced it will hold a one-day seminar on October 20 focusing "exclusively on issues related" to its regulatory requirements for children’s pajamas.

"This Seminar will focus exclusively on issues related to current CPSC requirements for children’s sleepwear," the agency said.

The meeting will address rules related to the Flammable Fabrics Act, which requires that children’s clothing be flame resistant. The regulations mandate flammability tests to prove that pajamas can "self-extinguish" if they catch fire.

"The goal of the Seminar is to bring together CPSC staff and stakeholders (manufacturers, importers, retailers, suppliers, legal counsel, testing laboratories and other interested parties) to discuss testing, certification, and other compliance guidance relating to mandatory FFA standards and requirements for children’s sleepwear products," the agency said.

"The Seminar will include presentations by CPSC staff and industry representatives, as well as a panel discussion among manufacturers, importers, retailers, suppliers, legal counsel, testing laboratories, and other parties involved in the children’s sleepwear industry," the agency added.

Last month the CPSC recalled 65 children’s nightgowns made by Cecil and Lou, a Texas-based small business started by two sisters-in-law, because the nightgowns posed a "risk of burn injuries to children."

The agency has addressed children’s fashion before, issuing a recall for a Star Wars onesie that supported the Dark Side.

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