Continetti: Bill Clinton ‘Blows Up’ When Confronted on Tough Questions


Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti told MSNBC host Chuck Todd on Tuesday that former President Bill Clinton "blows up" when confronted on tough questions.

Continetti was on "Meet The Press Daily" along with former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri and McClatchy reporter Anita Kumar discussing Clinton's interview on "Today" where he was upset with questions related to his infamous affair with Monica Lewinsky.

"Bill Clinton, if you look through his history, has a tendency, when he's confronted with a tough question, he blows up and we did a whole 60-second supercut of this at the Free Beacon yesterday," Continetti said.

"This goes back to the 80's. You ask him a tough question, and it doesn't have to be about sexual misconduct, it can also be about say, his attitude and conduct and policies towards terrorism when he was president, right?" Continetti said. "If you remember that interview with Chris Wallace in 2006? He blew up."

"So I think the difference is here, he blew up. He did what he's done what he's done for decades, but he doesn't have the support he had in the past," Continetti said. "The time has moved beyond him in a way. You were looking at a man who's kind of out of place in his party and in his moment."

Todd asked Palmieri, who worked at the White House at the time, if the Clinton's are out of touch.

"But what do you make of that, Jennifer? It does feel like he just felt out of touch to the moment. That is probably — I don't know any other way to look at it," Todd said.

"I think what the me too movement is about is about, it's the impact on the woman and I don't know — I personally believe he does see that writ large," Palmieri answered. "You know, it's hard when, you know, when he's talking about himself, you know, I mean, we all saw like, that was really defensive."

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