Chris Kyle's Widow Asks Obama Why More Gun Control is Answer When Murder is at an All Time Low

January 7, 2016

Chris Kyle's widow, Taya Kyle, questioned President Obama at a CNN town hall on Thursday why he was focused on gun control when violent crime is at a multi-decade low.

"I appreciate the time taking to come here and I think your message of hope is something I agree with, and I think it's great and I think that by creating new laws you do give people hope," Taya Kyle told the President. "The thing is that the laws that we create don't stop these horrific things from happening, right and that's a very tough pill to swallow."

Kyle wondered why the president couldn't focus on the progress the country has made in lower murder rates "if we can give people hope saying also during this time while you've been president, we're at the lowest murder rate in our country, all time low."

She then pointed out that gun ownership was at an all-time high. "We're at an all-time high of gun ownership, right?" she said. "I'm not necessarily saying the two are correlated but if we're at an all time low for murder rate's a big deal"

"I understand that background checks aren't necessarily going to stop me from getting a gun but I also know they wouldn't have stopped any of the people here in this room from killing so it seems like almost a false sense of hope. So why not celebrate where we are? I guess that's my real question."

"Celebrate that we're good people and 99.9% of us will never kill anyone."