California's Obamacare Exchange Won't Provide Enrollee Data

October 21, 2013

In an interview with KNBC, an Obamacare representative refused to give a direct answer regarding a question about enrollment numbers, and potential penalties for those in the state of California.

The interviewer asked the representative if Americans who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to access the Obamacare website and enroll in the exchange should be granted an extension before they face a penalty. The representative punted the question, saying that a decision about an extension would be left up to the federal government. The representative also downplayed the number of Americans having trouble with the  website, saying that "some Americans" were experiencing difficulties.

He reassured the interviewer that things were different in California, saying "that’s not going to be an issue here." When asked how many Americans have enrolled in Obamacare thus far, the representative sheepishly said "we are not able to put a number out there yet…" The number is expected to be released mid-November, a month and a half after the website’s launch.

It is important to note that there have been reports that the administration does indeed have numbers of how many Americans have enrolled in the healthcare exchange, but have kept mum and repeatedly declined to release those numbers when pressed by the media.

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