Anti-Semitic Chicago Kids Tell Jews to Get in the Oven

Chicago schools gripped by anti-Semitism scandal

Mother of boy bullied at Ogden International Elementary School
Mother of boy bullied at Ogden International Elementary School / Chicago Sun Times video screenshot

Several eighth graders in the Chicago public school system were suspended for being anti-Semitic bullies and playing a game that they called "Jew incinerator," according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Chicago public school officials have launched an investigation into the incident and are trying to determine the extent of the anti-Semitic incidents, according to the report:

But the mother of the 14-year-old boy who was told to get into an oven and put on striped pajamas, as concentration camp prisoners were made to do, still was upset Thursday, saying the district isn’t doing enough to address the racism behind the bullying.

"Call it its name. They were racist, they were being anti-Semitic to my son," said Lisa Wolf Clemente outside Ogden Thursday afternoon, hours after eighth-graders went on a field trip to the Holocaust museum in Skokie.

Afterward, "not one person addressed the correlation between the Holocaust museum and my son," she said, adding that they missed the chance for a teachable moment.

Clemente said her son told her months ago that several kids at the west campus of the school targeted him at lunch and in Spanish class, showing him pictures of ovens and telling him to get in.

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