Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Bid to Block Trump Rally

Stormy Daniels's lawyer fails in Tulsa Trump rally lawsuit

Supporters of President Donald Trump outside Tulsa's BOK Center / Getty Images
June 19, 2020

The Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit Friday from Stormy Daniels's lawyer challenging President Donald Trump's upcoming Tulsa rally.

The suit was brought forth by Tulsa attorney Clark Brewster, who began representing Daniels in March 2019. Brewster's suit attempted to delay the rally, citing concerns that it would aggravate the spread of coronavirus.

In response, ASM Global—an event company that manages Tulsa's BOK Center—argued that it had met the state's reopening guidelines in planning the rally. Oklahoma allowed for entertainment venues to reopen on May 1, leaving it "at the discretion of business owners or local officials to determine when and if social distancing measures should be applied." The Trump campaign has agreed to check the temperature of attendees and distribute masks.

The suit was previously rejected by a Tulsa County District Court judge, but Brewster appealed to the state Supreme Court on Thursday. That appeal was rejected Friday afternoon.

According to the Trump campaign, more than 1 million people have requested tickets for the event, which is set to begin Saturday evening.