Libs Go FULL MELTDOWN Over Trump's Historic Support Among Minority Voters

November 5, 2020

Champions of racial diversity were thrilled to see President Donald J. Trump significantly increase his support among minority voters. Libs, on the other hand, threw a massive tantrum.

Trump, as of Wednesday, was on track to receive a larger share of the non-white vote than any Republican presidential candidate since 1960. He increased his support among black, Latino, and Asian voters. He even doubled his support among LGBTQ voters.

The libs have responded to this triumph of diversity exactly as you might expect. Having spent the last four years insisting that Trump was enacting a brutal regime of "white supremacy," their brains exploded. Latinos who vote for Trump were immediately reclassified as "white." Easier to denounce them as racist that way.

Some elected Democrats, including Rep. Ruben Gallego (D., Ariz.), offered suggestions for how the party might improve its standing with Latino voters. His first suggestion: Stop using the word "Latinx," woke jargon that appeals to educated white liberals and other party elites but most Latino voters have never heard.

MSNBC's Joy Reid, who was promoted despite lying about hackers infiltrating her old blog to plant homophobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic commentary under her byline, proved Gallego's point by expressing surprise that "Latinx" was not "the preferred term."

Trump's surge of support among LGBTQ voters, meanwhile, was described as "frightening." Some attributed it to the malevolence of "white gays" who couldn't be trusted.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow was hardly alone in expressing how "personally devastating" it was to see Trump improve his support among black men and double his support among black women. His very normal and level-headed column about the election results was headlined: "Exit Polls Point to the Power of White Patriarchy."

Democrats could ask themselves why minority voters are drifting away from the party and try to modify their behavior to strengthen their appeal among those voters, or they could keep screaming about white supremacy. Their initial response suggests a preference for the latter option.