WATCH: Nevada Dem Chair Offers Moment of Silence for 'Upheaval in the World,' Fails To Mention Israel

October 12, 2023

The chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party opened a legislative hearing with a moment of silence for the "actions over the weekend causing even more upheaval in the world that we all live in," a statement that failed to mention Israel.

Daniele Monroe-Moreno—who in addition to her party chair role serves as a state legislator—on Wednesday began an Interim Finance Committee hearing with a call for a "moment of silence" after Hamas's gruesome weekend attacks on Israel, which saw the terrorist group slaughter and kidnap women and children. Hearing attendees and viewers wouldn't have known that information from Monroe-Moreno's speech, however, as it avoided mention of Israel and Hamas altogether.

"For the last year there's been upheaval in different areas of the globe, and there were actions over the weekend causing even more upheaval in the world that we all live in," Monroe-Moreno said. "So I'm going to ask that we have just a moment of silence knowing that although the fighting isn't going on in our community, it does affect all communities."

Monroe-Moreno is not the only prominent Democrat to make a statement on the terrorist attacks that omitted Israel. Democratic Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, for example, on Saturday said she had "been in touch with communities impacted by what's happening in the region," adding that her "heart is with all those impacted."

That statement drew condemnation from Aryeh Lightstone, who served as senior adviser to former U.S. ambassador to Israel David M. Friedman. For Lightstone, Whitmer's "fraudulent" response disqualified her from office.

"She watched this happen in real time," Lightstone said. "And to watch women and children be kidnapped and raped and murdered, and to not be able to say something? She should resign immediately."

The Nevada Democratic Party did not return a request for comment. A spokeswoman for Monroe-Moreno's office did not answer questions on why Monroe-Moreno failed to mention Israel during the hearing, instead pointing to a Tuesday social media post in which the state lawmaker condemned "the acts of terrorism perpetrated by Hamas against Israel."

Other liberal groups in Nevada have faced criticism for their response to the terror attacks. The Democratic Socialists of America's Las Vegas chapter, for example, is holding a Thursday evening "All Out For Palestine emergency protest," calling on its members to stand "in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their right to resist 75 years of occupation." Sen. Jacky Rosen (D., Nev.) subsequently condemned the group.

"It is outrageous that some extremists and activists like the Democratic Socialists of America are using this attack as an opportunity to oppose lifesaving security assistance in Israel's darkest hour. Even worse, there are voices celebrating Hamas's vile terrorism, from celebrations in the streets to statements attempting to justify the murder of innocent civilians," Rosen said. "At a time of rising global antisemitism, these attempts to portray this assault as justified resistance … are deeply offensive, dangerous, and unacceptable."