SUPERCUT: Woke White Libs Yelling at Black Cops for Racial Justice

June 25, 2020

The battle for social justice and racial harmony is raging on America's streets, and woke white libs aren't just sitting back, posting their thoughtful commentary on social media, and canceling dead racists like Abraham Lincoln. They are risking it all on the front lines by holding signs and aggressively explaining to black police officers why they are "part of the problem."

The contributions of woke white libs at this historic juncture are arguably even more important to the cause of justice than the Black Lives Matter movement. No demographic group has done more to honor the memory of George Floyd by reading White Fragility (at least the first few chapters) and ensuring that every corporation in America is posting woke hashtags on social media.

Throughout the Democratic primary, woke white libs were at the forefront of the movement to bring racial justice to America by supporting a candidate who would have been the first woman of color elected to the presidency in our nation's history. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Warren didn't win the nomination, but that hasn't discouraged the woke white libs from taking to the streets and courageously yelling at black cops for the good of all mankind. Wow!