Weinstein Resigns From Company Board of Directors Amid Scandal

Harvey Weinstein / Getty

Harvey Weinstein / Getty


Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein resigned from the Weinstein Company board on Tuesday morning in the wake of a scandal that has led dozens of women to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse dating back nearly three decades.

A source involved in the matter said Weinstein "resigned" from his position on the board during a board of directors meeting, CNN reports. It is unclear, however, how willingly the Hollywood producer made the decision to resign, and his departure from the board is another step toward a possible sale of the company, according to CNN.

Weinstein had already been fired on Oct. 9 from the company he co-founded. The firing came just days after a bombshell report revealed he had settled sexual harassment claims with at least eight different women. The decision to fire the company co-founder was an escalation from action taken on Oct. 6, when one-third of the company's board resigned, and four members who remained announced Weinstein would take a leave of absence while an outside lawyer investigated the allegations, the Times reported at the time.

The move to shun the company co-founder comes after the New York Times and the New Yorker both reported earlier this month that Weinstein, an Oscar-winning producer and Democratic mega-donor, has been accused of sexual harassment and abuse by numerous women over the years, including actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan. The reports sparked outrage among some Hollywood celebrities and Democratic leaders, and led to surprising silence or delayed responses from others who had previously spoken out for women, particularly victims of sexual assault.

In addition to being kicked off the board of his own company, the Producers Guild of America unanimously voted on Monday to expel Weinstein from their ranks. He has also been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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