Sheila Jackson Lee, Jan Schakowsky Refuse To Condemn Bill Maher's Palin Comments

Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas) and Jan Schakowsky (D., Ill.) refused to comment Wednesday on Bill Maher's prior remarks about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, despite repeated questioning in a video by  Frank Strategies:

REPORTER: Congresswoman, quick question. I know you’ve been outspoken about Rush Limbaugh; in light of Bill Maher’s comments that Sarah Palin is a "cunt" and "dumb twat," are you going to call on Obama’s Super PAC to return the million dollars they got from Bill Maher? And if not, why not?

REPORTER: Why are you refusing to condemn that remark, ma’am? Do you find that okay? That discourse?

REPORTER: Congresswoman, quick question. I know you’ve put out a statement about Rush Limbaugh, condemning his remarks, understandably.  Have you put out a similar statement calling on the president’s Super PAC to return the $1 million that he got from Bill Maher? Why not? Is that an acceptable thing to call a woman?

REPORTER: Why won’t you speak out? Isn’t misogyny misogyny no matter which side does it?

SCHAKOWSKY: I’m sorry, who are you from?

REPORTER: I’m a freelance journalist, and I’m just asking questions. Why won’t you speak out? I mean, will you at least say that that is inappropriate language to use?

SCHAKOWSKY: Rush Limbaugh?

REPORTER: No. Bill Maher. I know you’ve already said Rush, and that’s fine, I understand that. But why won’t you say that what Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin is just as offensive, and the president’s Super PAC should give back the million dollars? If Rush Limbaugh said about you, or Speaker Pelosi, or the First Lady, what Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin, and then gave a million dollars to a Romney Super PAC, would you be silent about that?

REPORTER: So, I guess the headline is you’re refusing to call what Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin offensive?

SCHAKOWSKY: Oh, you know what, I’m supposed to be at the Intelligence Committee meeting. Okay, I go this way.

REPORTER: I’ll give you another shot. You’ve had as many opportunities to answer this question—I just—do you see a disconnect there? Why won’t you just say what Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin is offensive and inappropriate?

AIDE: Are you looking for a press statement?

REPORTER: I’m asking the congresswoman—

AIDE: Because if you’re looking for a press statement, because if you’re looking for a press statement you can just call the office and we can work it out.

REPORTER: Why am I going to go through that? I have the congresswoman right here. She has every opportunity—

SCHAKOWSKY: I’m not making a comment. I’m making no comment.

REPORTER: All right, well you know the headline is going to be that you refused to call Bill Maher’s comments about Sarah Palin inappropriate, beyond the pale, anything like that. And you understand that undermines your credibility about anything you say about Rush Limbaugh. All right, have a good day.


Maher recently announced he would donate $1 million to Priorities USA, the pro-Obama Super PAC.