NYC Halloween Parade Marches on Hours After Terror Attack

The 44th Annual Village Halloween Parade goes on as planned hours after a terrorist attack in NYC. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/ Getty Images)

The 44th Annual Village Halloween Parade goes on as planned hours after a terrorist attack in NYC / Getty Images


Hours after the terror attack in New York City on Tuesday, during which a truck was used to kill eight people and injure nearly a dozen others, the annual NYC Halloween parade marched on.

With heavier-than-usual security, the Greenwich Village parade kicked off about a mile away from where, just hours before, a truck was used to run down pedestrians and cyclists on the bike path near the World Trade Center memorial, the New York Post reported.

A 23-year-old New Yorker attending the event said she was not going to let the terrorist attack scare her.

"You can't let it stop you from living your life," parade-goer Cathryn Strobl said.

Extra officers, heavy weapons teams, and sand trucks used as protective blockers were all present along the parade route, according to police.

"We are going to go about our business in the city, and we are not going to be deterred," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

The parade is open to anyone wearing a costume, and although citizens were assured they were safe, the mayor still urged New Yorkers to be vigilant.

"Tell an officer immediately if you see anything unusual, anything that worries you," de Blasio said.

Despite the reassurances from the police department, the Post noted some parade goers thought the crowd seemed thinner than usual. Attendees said, nevertheless, that the attack would not cause Americans to live in fear.

"Even though we're shaking, we're still strong," Seattle native Em Weiss said. "We're not living in fear. It sends a message terrorism doesn't win."

Katelyn Caralle

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