NBC, CBS, Reuters, Lie About Israeli Attacks; Face No Repercussions

Palestinians inspect the site near the wreckage of vehicle following an airstrike in Gaza / AP

Reporters covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for NBC, CBS, Reuters, and other outlets brazenly reported false information on Monday claiming Israel was responsible for attacks on Palestinian civilians that were actually committed by Hamas.

The reporters have faced no repercussions yet for the promulgation of erroneous and biased information. It is yet another example of how reporters for major outlets in the Middle East interject their anti-Israel bias into their supposedly neutral reporting on the conflict.

After explosions were spotted at two civilian outposts in Gaza, the reporters immediately tweeted that Israel was to blame, though there was little evidence to corroborate this.

In fact, the attacks at the Shati refugee camp and Shifa hospital in Gaza were perpetrated by Hamas, according to Israeli military officials, who said that the IDF was conducting no operations at the time of the explosions.

These reporters wasted little time in disseminating false information against Israel over Twitter, according to screen grabs posted on the pro-Israel Elder of Ziyon blog:

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.09.03 PM