MSNBC Reporter: Hillary’s Not Used to Buying Things For Herself

MSNBC reporter Irin Carmon pointed out during a Thursday discussion of the kerfuffle overĀ Hillary Clinton not tipping at a Chipotle restaurant that she's probably not used to making normal purchases.

"I feel like she's not used to buying things for herself," Carmon said on Now with Alex Wagner. "I'm not saying that's an excuse. That's just a possible observation."

Correct observations like that do not help Clinton's attempts to appear like one of the regular people. While she has unparalleled skills in accents andĀ drinking water while maintaining awkward eye contact, she continues to struggle to seem like an everyday American.

Carmon also stated that it's not typical to tip for counter service. This writer will acknowledge that he has made many trips to Chipotle and has not left any tips for those dozens of chicken burritos.