MSNBC Host Asks Eric Holder to Quack Like a Duck

February 9, 2015

In another stirring moment of journalism on MSNBC, weekend host and noted intellectual Melissa Harris-Perry asked Attorney General Eric Holder to quack like a duck during an interview Sunday.

Harris-Perry refers to her show and its viewers as "Nerdland," a really clever way of making themselves appear more urbane than a normal cable television audience. She told Holder that in Nerdland, Holder was known as "The Duck" because of his supposedly docile demeanor belying his furious energy beneath the surface.

Holder declined Harris-Perry's bizarre request politely.

"You know we call you the duck in Nerdland?" she asked. "In Nerdland, we say you have a very placid and even way of presenting but you are just working for justice underneath. Would you quack for us?"

"Well, I'm not sure I'm going to do that but I like the analogy," Holder said, while Harris-Perry laughed.

Holder went on to say there were many congressional hearings when he may have appeared calm on the outside but "I was pissed off a lot of the time, too." That Holder would grow angry at being questioned about the various scandals and controversies that plagued his tenure was actually obvious to most political observers; Holder lost his cool on several occasions.

Other segments of Melissa Harris-Perry have included laughing at Mitt Romney's black grandson for looking different from his white family members, mocking people for losing health care plans because of Obamacare regulations and sporting tampon earrings.

[H/T Mary Katharine Ham]