Luke Russert: Meet the Bro

Russert to appear regularly on MTP panel for National Bro-casting Channel

Meet the Press is not only getting a new host in Chuck Todd. It's getting a serious shot of bro to its weekly panel.

NBC's bro-in-chief and congressional correspondent Luke Russert is taking on another role as a regular panelist on the famed Sunday talk show, the New York Post reported Thursday–and there's something so "bro" about the way he operates that I made a SuperCut about it.

Russert's jocular on-air tone, referrals to older colleagues as "my friend" and frequent asides on everything from rap music to skateboarding to boat shoes certainly make him a unique figure in cable news. He's worked at NBC since 2008, the same year his father and former Meet the Press host Tim Russert died. Grumblings about nepotism have followed him ever since.

Nevertheless, Russert is a near daily fixture on MSNBC reporting from Capitol Hill, and he's filled in as a host for The Daily RundownThe CycleAndrea Mitchell Reports and Now with Alex Wagner.

He is also a graduate of St. Albans, one of the District's swankier private schools.