Luke Russert Geography Fail

Bro-caster says Turkey is an 'Arab country'

We’re 24 hours out from Luke Russert assuming the on-deck circle for the Meet the Press chair his father once occupied, but it looks like Uncle Luke has some last-minute cramming to do.

That Boston College education will come in handy.

Russert reported Saturday on the ongoing Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant threat and the growing coalition of countries assembling to fight it.

"One of the most important things moving is for Turkey to close down that border and make it more secure," Russert said. "That's one of the things imperative in these talks, to get Turkey on board. They're an Arab country. They're the only ones who share a border with the conflict area in hand."

FACT CHECK: Turkey is a Eurasian country. Its people are Turks, not Arabs. MSNBC must not put a premium for its reporters or its pundits to be current with their geography and ethnography.

Russert should just stay in his lane with subjects more his speed–like elitist dating websites and wearing sports jerseys in public.

Sad Panda/Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Sad Panda/Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports