Grown Man Luke Russert Wears a Sports Jersey Out in Public

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May 12, 2014

Over the span of two days, the Washington Wizards remembered they were the Washington Wizards, previously known as "Les Boulez." The latest malady to befall Les Boulez will be known as "La malédiction de Lady Gaga," a reminder to hapless sports teams with double-booked arenas everywhere that you do not mess with little monsters.

From the gridiron to the diamond to the hardwood, Washington teams are the best hosts come playoff time. Verizon Center yesterday became Staples Center East, but instead of Jack, Denzel, and JT, Verizon welcomed enough star power to (maybe?) charge your cell phone.

Even with Wizard lifer Wolf Blitzer in the house, only one D.C. celeb scored the invaluable POLITICO Playbook h/t:

SPOTTED, at game 4 of the Wizards heartbreaker loss to the Pacers: Luke Russert in the front rows, sporting the throwback Wizards Michael Jordan jersey, and giving the refs the business.

I don't know who tipped the Mike Allen, but the only other outlet to spot the MSNBC boy toy was USA Today:

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

No grown man past the age of 22 is allowed to wear another man's sports jerseys. (WNBA jerseys are O.K.)

The thing about being a grown man and wearing a sports jersey out in public is that you join dubious company. For example, men who left their pants at home.

People also use their custom jersey as a platform to make awful political statements.

At least Luke didn't succumb to the dreaded "significant other jersey." I can come up with one problem among my dude's 99.

There's one exception to this rule:


The only guy allowed to wear another man's jersey out in public is the guy who signs the checks.

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