Rachel Maddow Geography Fail

Maddow thinks Estonia is in the Balkans instead of the Baltics

Rachel Maddow led a segment on President Obama's visit to Estonia by asking a trivia question about the Balkans — while Estonia is actually a Baltic state.

Maddow asked viewers whether it was true or false that the last time a U.S. president visited the Balkans, he had his watch stolen. The answer is "false" — a video of President George W. Bush appeared to show his watch being stolen in Albania (which actually is in the Balkans), but that theory was eventually debunked.

Maddow noted that this incident is the only Google result for a U.S. president visiting the Balkans. "Presumably this White House is hoping to replace headlines like those with something more memorable on its own terms. The president is due to be wheels down in Estonia very shortly."

Maddow later apologized to Estonia on Twitter, claiming she "didn't meant to imply" it was in the Balkans.