Los Angeles to Host the 2028 Summer Olympic Games

Olympic flag
Wikimedia Commons
July 31, 2017

Los Angeles and Paris were competing for the 2024 Olympics but the Olympic Committee opted to award them both the next two summer games, giving 2028 to L.A.

The International Olympic Committee approved both Paris and Los Angeles' bids, awarding the 2024 games to the French capital after Los Angeles' officials expressed they would be open to waiting for extra years, the Los Angeles Times reports. In contrast, Paris officials reportedly pushed to host in 2024.

The report comes Monday after the Los Angeles Times spoke to a source close to the negotiation, and an announcement is expected later in the day. Awarding two separate games to two bidders is an unusual step, but the committee considered both bids to be strong.

This will be the third time the Olympics come to Los Angeles, after previous games in 1932 and 1984. President Donald Trump had expressed support for the bid earlier this month.

The U.S. last hosted an Olympic event when the winter games came to Salt Lake City in 2002, and last hosted the summer games when they came to Atlanta in 1996. President Barack Obama traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark, to appeal for Chicago to host the 2016 games, but the committee selected Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.