Los Angeles Times

Fmr. FCC Chairman Reverses Self

Reed Hundt now opposes rule that could keep Koch Bros. from buying L.A. Times

A former Federal Communications Commission chairman last week reversed his position on controversial media ownership rules, noting his new position could impede efforts by public figures with whom he disagrees politically to purchase media properties.

A Chilling Divestment

Threat to divest city funds from a Koch-owned LA Times likely unconstitutional

Threats by members of the Los Angeles City Council to use the city’s pension funds to penalize investors if they sell the Los Angeles Times to Charles and David Koch could be illegal and unconstitutional, experts say.

Here Comes the Kochtopress

LAT, Chicago Tribune may soon print on Georgia Pacific 2-ply

A spokesman for Koch Industries declined to knock down rumors that the privately held petrochemical conglomerate is considering a play for the troubled Tribune Company, which owns 18 newspapers across the country including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.