Kathy Griffin 'Not Holding Back' on Trump, His Family: 'F*** Him'

April 30, 2018

Comedian Kathy Griffin on Monday reiterated she was not sorry for her controversial photoshoot in which she held up a bloody mock head imitating President Donald Trump, attacking the president's sons and saying in reference to Trump,  "f--- him."

Griffin appeared on ABC's "The View" where co-host Sara Haines commented about how it had been one year since the photo was released and the backlash ensued. Griffin lost sponsorships and jobs, including her spot co-hosting CNN's "New Year's Eve Live."

"By the way, I take the apology back. F--- him!" Griffin said to a cheering crowd. "And the sons, the sons, Don Jr. and Eric, or as I call them ‘Eddie Munster’ and ‘Date Rape.’"

Griffin said she had no problem going after members of the Trump family.

"Look, I'm not holding back on this family," Griffin said. "This president is different, and I have been through the mill. And so now I'm back on the road."

Griffin first retracted her apology last August–about three months after the photos were released–saying she was no longer sorry for the images. "I'm no longer sorry. The whole outrage was BS. The whole thing got so blown out of proportion," she said on an Australian morning television show.

The photo sparked controversy, comparisons to ISIS, and a Secret Service investigation of a potential death threat against Trump.