Journalists Tie Matt Lauer’s Sexual Misconduct Firing to His Treatment of Clinton During 2016 Campaign

Hillary Clinton / Getty Images
• November 29, 2017 11:00 am


Journalists used the unexpected firing of NBC News anchor Matt Lauer for unspecified sexual misconduct as an opportunity to mention how hard he was on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

Annie Karni, White House reporter for Politico, tweeted about how Hillary Clinton condemned Matt Lauer's performance during the 2016 Commander-in-Chief forum.

Karni's tweet came without relevant context, following tweets about the Instagram of Louise Linton, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and disagreements over the White House budget.

BuzzFeed World correspondent Borzou Daragahi used the firing to remind followers to "not forget" about Lauer covering Clinton's email controversy.

Mike Signorile, editor-at-large of HuffPost Queer connected the sexual misconduct of Lauer, former MSNBC political analyst Mark Halperin, and New York Times White House correspondent Glenn Thrush with "anti-Hillary Clinton bias."

He referred to Lauer as a "right-winger and Trump apologist."

CNN political commentator Keith Boykin connected journalists' sexual misconduct with "the disproportionate emphasis on Hillary Clinton's faults" during the 2016 election.

Janice Min of The Hollywood Reporter connected Lauer's "woman problem" with his "debacle" interview with Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Examiner also collected tweets and Facebook posts of major Clinton supporters making the link between Lauer's sexual misconduct and his treatment of Hillary Clinton.