He Did It His Way

Farewell to Ronan Farrow Daily

February 27, 2015

Ronan Farrow's run as MSNBC daytime host is at an end. The ax came down on Ronan Farrow Daily after just a year of the show anchoring the network's 1 p.m. hour.

There's a good chance you didn't watch Farrow, as his hemorrhaging ratings were the primary cause of his downfall–but you can take a look back here in this new video.

The earnest Farrow was not as overtly partisan as other MSNBC pundits, although he of course toed the network line on most political issues. He was fond, after all, of reminding viewers he once worked in Hillary Clinton's State Department. Rather, he never seemed to get very comfortable on television and was plagued by poor ratings and bad headlines about his awkward style from the start.

When not covering breaking news, the show tended to go off the rails, with emoji racial diversityzombies and bad segues to Israeli-Palestinian hook-up stories among the stranger segments. The "Calls to Action" and "Heroes and Zeroes" segments on the show were similarly uninspired efforts, the latter leading to one of the worst mistakes in cable chyron history.

And why MSNBC thought slotting Farrow in the middle of a weekday afternoon would attract a younger audience is beyond me.

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