Marie Harf Writes 'Honest' Op-Ed on Trump's First 100 Days

Marie Harf / Getty Images

Marie Harf, former senior adviser for strategic communications to Secretary of State John Kerry, wrote an "honest take" for Fox News about President Donald Trump's first 100 days on Friday, claiming Republicans are unable to achieve "big legislative victories."

Harf, who is now a Fox News contributor, wrote an op-ed claiming that during Trump's first 100 days as president, Republicans in Congress "have been stymied by a fundamental truth: it’s much easier to be in the opposition than it is to actually govern."

In the article, titled "A Democrats honest take on Trump's first 100 days," Harf claimed that Republicans are "floundering," unable to achieve any big legislative wins, and could reach difficulties during the midterms without a strategy.

The Fox News contributor did mention the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as a victory, but "things go rapidly downhill from there."

"Turning overseas, we tumble to some of the worst moments of the first 100 days. President Trump has governed based on a caricature of what he appears to believe "strong" foreign policy is: bragging about raw use of military power, acting dismissively towards diplomacy, and bullying our friends and our adversaries," Harf wrote.

Harf claimed that the United States will be unable to solve the world's biggest problem, because "President Trump and his team have upset some of our closest allies."

After criticizing Republicans, Harf addressed issues facing Democrats.

"My Democratic Party has had its own growing pains in determining the best ways to rebuild our ranks," Harf said then asked. "How do we re-constitute the norms and institutions of public service that have been so eroded since President Trump came onto the scene? What do we have to offer as a party to the American people in places like my home state of Ohio?"

Harf concluded her op-ed with a bit of advice for Republicans.

"You asked to be put in the game, and the American people said yes. It’s time to stop fumbling the football. If you don’t, 2018 is coming fast, and you risk being back on the sidelines," she advised.

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