Come Again? 'Ethics-First' Investment Firm Gobbles Up Pornhub

Canada-based Ethical Capital Partners (yes, really) acquires Hunter Biden's favorite website

March 17, 2023

A private equity firm that touts its "ethics-first" investing strategy made a splash this week by bagging the world's most popular porn website. Even more surprising is the fact that both entities have links to the largely irrelevant country of Canada.

Ottawa-based Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) announced Thursday it had acquired Pornhub, formerly based in Montreal, via its parent company MindGeek, which owns an array of adult websites including YouPorn,, and Trans Angels. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to its website, ECP is dedicated to "unlocking value through ethics-first investing" in "industries that require principled ethical leadership." Like most generically named investment firms, ECP boasts that its "strength is rooted in our diverse backgrounds." In a statement announcing the acquisition, founding partner Fady Mansour praised MindGeek as an "ethically driven" and "dynamic tech brand that is built upon a foundation of trust, safety, and compliance."

Hunter Biden, one of the most prolific Pornhub users in history, was not available for comment. A review of the first son's abandoned laptop in 2022 revealed that Hunter paid for a Pornhub Premium subscription, which offers faster streaming, higher-quality video, and "discreet billing." He reportedly sought videos using search terms such as "MILF crack cocaine porn" and "lonely widow porn," which makes sense given that Hunter was a crackhead who had an affair with his dead brother's lonely widow (and her sister).