Cruz Jokes About White House Fence Jumper

Media should call him an 'undocumented White House visitor'

Ted Cruz brought some humor to the Values Voter Summit in Washington on Friday, retelling a joke by Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon before tacking on one of his own.

"How many of y'all saw in the news that a man was stopped after he climbed the fence at the White House?" Cruz said. "The Secret Service stopped him; they said, ‘I'm sorry, Mr. President, you have two years left on your term.'"

Cruz enjoyed applause and laughter from the audience, then launched into a jab on the left-wing media:

"We should actually hold the media to account, because, I will say, in their reporting on this person who broke into the White House, they really have not used the politically correct term," Cruz said. "We should insist that ABC, NBC, CBS refer to the visitor according to the term that is politically correct–an ‘undocumented White House visitor.'"