CNN Impressed by Statue That Does Not Move

AP / Fearless Girl
March 14, 2017

Statues apparently do not move, CNN reported on Tuesday. Not even female ones. Not even in the snow.

In a story headlined "Why a defiant girl is staring down the Wall Street bull," CNN reported last week on a bronze statue called "Fearless Girl" installed in front of the famed "Charging Bull" statue on Wall Street. The bull statue is symbolic of a prosperous "bull market."

CNN re-promoted the days-old piece with a tweet that apparently tried granting the girl statue's immobility some sort of feminist significance.

However, rather than admiration and pride for the statue's ability to hold still, ridicule and amusement reigned on social media.

The girl statue was installed by State Street Global Advisers a day before International Women's Day to bring attention to an initiative to get more women on their clients' corporate boards. It is unclear how long it will remain there, although the March 7 piece did say it should stay for "at least a week."

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