Chris Matthews Is Not a Fan of This Bowe Bergdahl Deal

MSNBC's Chris Matthews doesn't seem to have gotten the channel's memo on the Bowe Bergdahl deal.

Many liberal pundits on his network have shown nearly lockstep support for the Obama administration's handling of the trade of five Taliban commanders for Bergdahl, who's been accused of desertion by many of his fellow soldiers. However, Matthews, usually a huge fan of the president, has sharply criticized the cost of the trade, the national security consequences of releasing dangerous "Johnnies" as he put it, the actions of Bergdahl himself and the legality of Obama's action.

In his closing statement Wednesday night, Matthews called it a "nasty deal" that was "driven by our enemies," and he's clashed with numerous guests this week about their support for it.

He's not alone. Many others in the mainstream media have raised similar concerns about administration claims on Bergdahl and the high price of his release.