Chelsea Handler on Trump: ‘I Think a Lot of People Want Him to Be in Prison’

• November 21, 2017 7:08 am


Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler wants to see President Donald Trump "brought down" in handcuffs and believes "a lot of people want him to be in prison."

In a CNN special report on late-night comedy in the age of Trump, Handler blasted Trump as she typically does on her Netflix program. In the brief segment dedicated to Handler, CNN’s Brian Stelter asked about her "mission."

"Would you say you're on a mission to take him down?" Stelter asked.

"I would like to see him taken down, brought down to the ground, preferably in handcuffs," Handler said. "I want him to be in prison, I think a lot of people want him to be in prison."

This is not the first time that Handler has called for Trump or members of the White House to be imprisoned. In July, she also said she wanted to see him in prison.

Handler has been a strong advocate for Democrats, frequently taking to social media to share and promote candidates and liberal agendas. Recently she tweeted out a photo with Speaker Paul Ryan's (R., Wis.) challenger Randy Bryce dubbing him the "Iron Stache."

Bryce has been under criticism from a fellow Democratic candidate for failing to pay his child support on time.

In May, Handler also used her social media platform to post a photo with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) with the caption "Women get shit done when we stick together."

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