Ashley Judd Complains About ‘Aggressive’ Trump Fan at Basketball Game

Man told her that he supports President Trump

Actress Ashley Judd / Getty Images


Actress and liberal activist Ashley Judd lamented an encounter she had with a Donald Trump supporter who she said treated her with "open hostility" at a Saturday basketball game.

Judd wrote on Facebook that an "older man with white hair" asked and took a picture of her at a Kentucky basketball game before saying he and others from his hometown supported Trump. The actress described that she felt "scared" about the encounter and said the man "voted with the KKK," by voting for Trump in 2016, Townhall reported.

The man said he was from a Virginia town, Big Stone Gap, where Judd worked on one of her films. Judd said she considered complimenting the man's hometown but said "something inside of me was already clenching and I concluded by simply saying ‘I like Big Stone Gap.'"

The man then said "with open hostility" that his town supports Trump, according to Judd.

"He said to me with open hostility as he was backing away, ‘We like Trump,'" she wrote.

"It's very clear now that as I was being friendly and talking, his affect was angry, and he certainly didn't respond in anyway to my general enthusing about his little Appalachian town," Judd said.

Judd noted that she could have responded to the man by saying he "voted with the Ku Klux Klan" and that his side lost the popular vote by "the widest margin in American history."

Instead, Judd said, she asked her uncle for a hug.

"Instead, I turned to my uncle who, by the way, is a Baptist preacher and a Democrat–yes, those things occur in the same person and in the same family–and said ‘I need a hug.'"

She used the incident to suggest a need for "apolitical" spaces, using the hashtag "#NoPoliticsHere."

"We absolutely need apolitical spaces in this country where we come together for something that is beyond who voted for whom and the platforms, beliefs, and agendas of respective candidates," Judd wrote.

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