Another Round of Big Eddie’s Big Questions

Ed Schultz's poll questions are nuttier than ever

MSNBC's voice of the people Ed Schultz has been chugging along since his triumphant return to weeknights in August, and he never disappoints each evening by providing a leading, preening "text question" generally meant to remind us all that Republicans care only about strangling the economic life out of the 99 percent and laughing at their demise.

#TeamEdShow, as his devoted followers identify themselves on Twitter, cooperate by voting in droves to provide overwhelming margins in favor of Schultz's liberal bloviating.

In September, I compiled a month's worth of highlights to celebrate Schultz's newfound life on the network, and Schultz expressed his appreciation for the video by calling it a "crappy job of editing" and the Washington Free Beacon itself a "fishwrap." To his credit, he acknowledged his text questions are generally simplistic so conservatives "won't be left behind," which was very kind.

He then proceeded to reel off his own favorite audience queries, most of which were also utterly ridiculous.

We figured it was high time for a sequel.

Behold his very serious audience's responses to such questions as:

Do you trust Republicans to help the unemployed in the new year? 97 percent do not.

Do Republicans care about the well-being of any unemployed American? 95 percent say they are completely heartless.

Do Republicans want to make poor people poorer? Absolutely they do, say 95 percent. Get more poor, you serfs.

Is the almighty dollar Republicans' true religion? 94 percent assert that money is indeed the GOP's Lord and Savior.

Will Republicans ever vote to advance women's rights? 97 percent consider this a pipe dream.

Do Republicans care more about obstruction or Americans? Guess what 98 percent picked.

Big Ed, pour yourself a cold one, if you've learned the proper technique of course, and keep doing your thing. America's middle class needs you.