Big Eddie’s Big Questions

Ed Schultz's most ridiculous poll questions since his return

• September 26, 2013 11:23 am


MSNBC host Ed Schultz's nightly questions to his audience are almost always absurd. We compiled some of the best ones since Big Ed returned to weeknights.

And check out the online polling results to such serious queries as:

Will Republicans ever have the character to admit Obamacare saves lives? 98.1 percent are sure that will never happen.

Will conservatives ever have the character to truly condemn racism in America? 95.1 percent said no way.

Are conservatives the new confederates? 72.2 percent agree with this characterization.

Are Republicans voting against Syria because they hate President Obama? 84.3 percent are sure that was the sole reason.

Will Republicans ever listen to their constituents when it really matters? 97.1 percent declare this a lost cause.

Does President Obama get enough credit for saving the economy? 94.7 percent say he does not.

Will any event ever change the way Congress views guns in America? 88.1 percent say nope.

Are Republicans afraid of Obamacare because they know it will be successful? 94.8 percent say yes, they are shaking.

Do Republicans have any idea how an average American lives? None whatsoever, say 96.5 percent.

Are you sick of Republicans wrapping themselves up in religion? 97.7 percent say yes, they sure are.

Will Republicans' lack of morality on health care ever change? It sure won't, 95.4 percent say.

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