BEASTMODE: Ivy League Prof Blasts Woke Libs for 'Uncle Tom' Attacks on Clarence Thomas

'You cannot call him Uncle f—ing Tom on my watch!'

Glenn Loury is sick and tired of the racially charged assault on Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. The Brown University professor ranted on his podcast last week about the virulence of left-wing attacks on Thomas following the justice's vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Loury, who is black, was particularly outraged at Samuel L. Jackson and others who invoked the racist "Uncle Tom" trope to denigrate the justice as a traitor to black Americans—an egregiously offensive thing to say, Loury argued, about a black man who grew up "a step from slavery" and rose to become one of the most accomplished jurists in the country. By defining Thomas solely by his conservative political views, his critics were denigrating "the value of this man's contribution" to black history.

"Come on, man. Let's stay in touch with reality," Loury said. "I'm sorry, you cannot call him an Uncle fucking Tom on my watch!"

WATCH: The Vicious, Racially Charged Assault on Clarence Thomas