Wrestling Champ Has Belt Stolen in California Carjacking

Two-time AEW TNT champ Michael Wardlow / YouTube
March 9, 2023

California's carjackers just made a powerful enemy.

Two-time All Elite Wrestling TNT champion Michael Wardlow on Wednesday tweeted a video showing his plundered rental car on the streets of San Francisco. Panning over smashed windows and an empty car, Wardlow notes that the thieves stole "absolutely everything," including the title championship belt he had just won in a San Francisco matchup.

"Well, thanks to the person who broke into my rental car and took absolutely everything from me—my TNT title, my gear, my boots, my whole life," Wardlow says in the video before speculating that he may have to "beat the shit" out of his opponent at an upcoming match in Sacramento "in these clothes I'm wearing right now."

There have been 162 car break-ins in San Francisco over the past week, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Wardlow reported the burglary at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night, according to the San Francisco Police Department. He had parked the rental car in the tony Pacific Heights neighborhood, on a block known for stylish eateries, for about three hours.

"Among the items missing [were] a wallet, laptop, sports gear, and many other miscellaneous personal items," a department spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon.

The 6-foot-3, 277-pound Wardlow did not respond to a request for comment, but he did warn the thieves: "Whoever did do this better thank God that I didn't catch you in the act because your jaw would be as shattered as this glass is."

Wardlow is not the first celebrity victim of California's crime wave. Comedian Seth Rogen was roundly criticized in 2021 after mocking a YouTube personality who had been carjacked. Rogen said that such break-ins were part of "living in a big city" and that his car had been broken into 15 times since moving to Los Angeles. That same year, a man shot Lady Gaga's dog walker in an attempt to steal the singer's French bulldogs.