The Most Ratio'ed Julia Ioffe Tweets (So Far)

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December 20, 2018

For those not versed in Twitter lingo, a "ratio" occurs when very few people retweet or like a tweet, compared to a far larger number of people who quote-tweet or respond to the tweet. It's generally a good barometer for how much Twitter agrees or disagrees with a sentiment. The higher the ratio, the more people are mocking, rather than sharing, a take.

But for too long we Twitteratti have lacked a precise unit of measurement for just how bad a tweet is. Which is why I bring you the Ioffe, measured as the number of mentions divided the number of retweets. The namesake of this new unit is of course GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe, famed for racking up a series of very bad ratios in the span of a few days this October.

To demonstrate why Ioffe deserves such a dubious distinction, here are a few of her most famous takes, complete with the ratio at the time of publication.

"Don't wish me Merry Christmas"

265 RTs, 5.4K mentions. 20.4 Ioffes. The impetus for this piece, in which Ioffe (who's Jewish) demands holiday well-wishers stop wishing her a "Merry Christmas."

The Christmas double-down

15 RTs and 122 mentions, 13 RTs and 232 mentions, and 17 RTs and 175 mentions. 10.2, 17.8, and 10.3 Ioffes.

The ISIS apology/non-apology

396 RTs, 3.1K mentions and 641 RTs, 2.1K mentions. 7.8 and 3.2 Ioffes. In a CNN appearance following the Pittsburgh synagogue terror attack, Ioffe told host Jake Tapper that "This president has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did." Ioffe then apologized on Twitter, only to immediately make it clear she wasn't sorry.

Trump-supporting Jews are responsible for the synagogue shooting

4751 RTs and 10K mentions, and two RTs and 48 mentions. 2.1 and 24 Ioffes.

The MS-13 tweet

85 RTs and 1.6K mentions. 18.8 Ioffes. In which Ioffe accused Trump of using MS-13 as a bogeyman.


The U.S. feels "less safe" than Russia for a journalist

4823 RTs and 6.1K mentions. 1.3 Ioffes. (Alright, this one wasn't badly ratio'ed. But it should have been, damn it.)

The Ivanka Tweet

Ioffe was fired from POLITICO for a tweet implying Donald Trump was sleeping with his daughter Ivanka. Alas, the tweet was deleted, so we have no way of knowing what the ratio was. But her apology tweets (sent after doubling down) received 202 Rts and 3.1K mentions and 95 Rts and 881 mentions, registering at 15.3 and 9.3 Ioffes respectively.

Did I miss a good one? Shoot me an email at and I'll update the piece when I feel like it*.

*I'll probably never feel like it.

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