Liberals to Boycott Godfather of Soul(Cycle)

Billionaire who persuaded rich liberals to pay him for riding bicycles to nowhere is raising money for Donald Trump in the Hamptons

August 7, 2019

Stephen Ross, the billionaire developer whose assets include the Miami Dolphins, a middling NFL franchise; Equinox, a luxury spa chain that also has gym facilities; and SoulCycle, a conspiracy to defraud rich liberals by persuading them to fork over large sums of money for the privilege of being yelled at while riding stationary bicycles and listening to aggro electronica, is hosting a high-dollar fundraiser for President Donald Trump at his estate in the Hamptons.

This is a problematic development for rich libs, including former First Lady and "workout guru" Michelle Obama, who is reportedly a regular at SoulCycle classes, known for their emphasis on "collective mantra." Many of them are just finding out that Ross is a longtime Republican donor and has been a friend of Trump's since the 1980s. They're beginning to lash out in the way libs tend to lash out when they realize they've been owned.

Even left-wing fitness aficionado Michael Moore is getting in on the action.

Note: SoulCycle does not offer memberships.

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