Russian Intelligence Continues to Undermine America

July 10, 2014

Vladimir Putin's aggressive campaign to undermine American freedom is playing out right before our eyes. On the same day that presumed Russian operative Edward Snowden petitioned the Kremlin to extend his "temporary" asylum, Snowden associate and U.S. tax-evader Glenn Greenwald published another batch of illegally leaked intelligence documents. Leading pundits picked up the story:

So did the Kremlin's propaganda network:

On Thursday, Greenwald discussed the stolen intelligence on HuffPost Live with Алёна Леонидовна Миньковская (Alyona Minkovski), formerly of the Kremlin propaganda network Russia Today. Minkovski is the daughter of Irina Rodnina, the Russian figure skating legend who helped light the torch at this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi. Rodina is also known for being a member of the Russian parliament, and for tweeting a racist photo of Barack and Michelle Obama.


Putin has been expertly trolling the United States ever since welcoming Snowden back to the motherland. For example:

He also totally punked the American intelligence community by invading and annexing Crimea, catching them completely off guard. Putin undoubtedly has the efforts of Comrade Snowden to thank for that debacle.

Wake up, America!