REMINDER: If Sean Eldridge Doesn't Lose By at Least 30 Points It Will Be a Defeat For America

Carpetbagging Facebook spouse trails by just 24 in new poll

Sean Eldridge mingles with a commoner. (Facebook)
September 19, 2014

A recent poll of the NY-19 congressional race between lifelong district resident and Army veteran Chris Gibson (R) and carpetbagging Facebook spouse Sean Eldridge (D) shows Gibson with a commanding 24-point lead. The Cook Political Report has moved the race from "lean Republican" to "likely Republican."

That’s a solid lead, but not nearly enough to prevent a national embarrassment. As the Free Beacon has repeatedly argued, every self-respecting human being should hope Sean Eldridge is utterly humiliated in November and suffers a defeat of no less than 30 points.

Eldridge is a self-parody of everything that is wrong with our political system, and represents everything that American voters despise about politicians. He has more money than Hillary Clinton, thanks to his decision to marry Chris Hughes, who became fabulously wealthy after being randomly selected to be roommates with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. Not surprisingly, Eldridge (i.e., Hughes) is the largest donor to his own campaign.

Hughes has spent the last several years buying multiple mansions in neighboring congressional districts in an effort to fulfill the political ambitions of his 28-year-old husband, who has a philosophy degree from Brown. It would seem that Eldridge believes he is even more entitled to political power than does Sandra Fluke, who is five years his senior yet still has enough self-awareness and humility to realize that people who lack any relevant qualifications should probably run for office at the state level before trying to purchase a seat in Congress. Eldridge, on the other hand, has quite literally sought to establish a modern day feudal system in New York’s 19th district in an effort to buy votes, but won’t even commit to stay in the district after he loses.

Eldridge perfectly embodies the hypocrisy and self-serving douchebaggery voters find so obnoxious about entitled liberals. He preaches about the need to "reduce the influence of special interest money in politics," while taking money from labor unions, Silicon Valley CEOs, Goldman Sachs executives, billionaire financiers George Soros and Tom Steyer, and his multi-millionaire husband.

The voters of New York's 19th district hold the fate of the free world in their hands. Now is not the time to get cocky and spike the football. Now is the time to run up the score and cover that 30-point spread. For America.