Sean Eldridge

Chris Hughes Is a Backstabbing Loser

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes surprised many this morning by writing a New York Times op-ed calling for a government breakup of the company he is no longer a part of. I’d be lying if I said I had strong feelings about a proposed breakup of Facebook. As a free market conservative I oppose both government intervention into private companies and unregulated monopolies, so hey, I could be talked into it.

Rainmakers in the Streets, Moral Victors in the Sheets: The Democratic Party’s Deadbeat Dreamboats

White Man, Dark Horse
Democrats keep getting their hearts broken by youngish, charismatic white guys running for national office. By now, the pattern is familiar. The liberal establishment falls head over heels for a dreamboat candidate who just might win a challenging race, usually in a part of the country that does not resemble the places where members of the liberal establishment live. Journalists pen dozens of fawning profiles. Celebrities roll out endorsements, and perform at fundraisers. And yet, despite all the hype and mountains of cash, the candidate ends up losing to a generic Republican. In some cases, Democrats have embraced these defeats as a “moral victory” of sorts. But no one believes them.

TNR Owner Raises Cash for Hillary, Who Backed Husband’s Campaign

At the last minute, Clinton backed Sean Eldridge’s doomed congressional run. Now Eldridge and his husband are fundraising for her

Four days before Democrat Sean Eldridge lost his New York congressional bid in a landslide, Hillary Clinton released a robocall on his behalf. Eldridge’s husband, New Republic owner Chris Hughes, is now hosting a fundraiser for Clinton.

ANALYSIS: There’s Something Fishy About The (New) New Republic

I’ve been calling out transparent BS since before I could talk. I know it when I see it. The so-called game of “peek-a-boo”? A dirty lie. I preferred “Battleship.” Still do. My sensors were flaring last week when I accidentally clicked on a link to the left-wing New Republic website, after mistaking it for one of my favorite middle-of-the-road blogs, Something didn’t sit right. Obviously, the content was atrocious. But then I looked at some of the bylines.

New Republic Coverage Excessive, Analysis Finds

Chris HughesThe continuing media coverage of The New Republic fiasco is completely f*cking insane, a Free Beacon analysis has found. To paraphrase the great half-American orator Winston Churchill: Never has so much been written by so many for so few.