Raul Castro Wants a List of Political Prisoners in Cuba. Here It Is.

In response to a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta today, Raul Castro said that if he is given a list with the names of Cuban political prisoners, he will free them today:

Just mention the list. What political prisoners. Give me a name or names or when after this meeting is over, you can give me a list of political prisoners, and if we have those political prisoners they will be released before tonight ends.

Somehow I don’t think Acosta will be speaking with the Cuban dictator again anytime soon. But President Obama will be. He should take the man at his word and pass along this (partial) list from the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba. Suppose that in an hour or so over dinner Obama were to say, "About those names you mentioned—for starters, Liusban John Utra, Ricardo Pelier Frómeta, Eglis Heredia Rodríguez, Daniel Ernesto Dufó Preval, Yoelkis Rosabal Flores, Amado Verdecia Díaz, Mario Ronaide Figueroa Dieguez, María del Carmen Cala Aguilera, Yosvani Arostegui Armenteros, Santiago Cisneros Castellanos, Enrique Bartolomé Cámbara, Edilberto Arzuaga Alcalá, David Fernández Cardoso, Maikel Mediaceja Ramos, Laudelino Rodríguez Mendoza, Yosvani Isaguirre, Alexeis Serrano Avila, Niorbis Rivera Guerra, Fernando Isael Peña Tamayo, Leonardo Coba, Silverio Portal Contrera, Osvaldo Rodriguez Acosta, Osvaldo Rodriguez Castillo, Mario Alberto Hernández Leyva, Orlando Contrera Aguilar, Osmani Mendoza Ferriol, Augusto Guerra Márquez, Ricardo González Sendiña, Ariel González Sendiña, Leudis Reyes Cuza, Reinier Rodríguez Mendoza, Ernesto Ortega Sarduy, Isaín López Luna, Warley Pérez Cruz, Nora Lisset Hernández Bulís, Jordys Manuel Dosil Fong, Alexander Alan Rodríguez, Emilio Serrano Rodríguez, Carlos Amaury Calderín Roca, Misael Delgado Romeu, Yoanny Thomas González, Elieski Roque Chongo, Alfredo Limonte Rodríguez, Joel Mariano Bencomo Martínez, Vladimir Morera Bacallao, Yaxiel Espino Aceval, José David González Fumero, Mario Morera Jardines, Miguel Borroto Vázquez, and Osvaldo Arcís Hernández will all be joining their families tonight, right?"

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This trip to Cuba was supposed to be about "dialogue." Take the man at his word.